Monday, July 7, 2014

June Favorites | 2014

June was a very stressful month to say the least. I felt like I was always doing something or getting ready for something. I am officially no longer a resident in Warsaw, which I guess is bittersweet. Warsaw was such an incredible experience and I'm so thankful I was able to live there for my last two years of high school. Now it's time to move on to bigger things, college! Yikes! 
I wasn't able to try too many new things or discover too many favorites this month, but now that I'm back in the states I have found myself buying and trying so many new makeup products. One downside to living in Warsaw was that even drug store makeup was kind of pricey. I'm so excited to be able to try all these new products I've heard so much about from other bloggers!
I'm not sure if I mentioned this much on here but in late May I chopped major inches off of my hair. I know, you're probably thinking "Oh another teenage girl copying Kylie Jenner". I will admit she did inspire me to cut my hair a little bit, but I was also not looking forward to dealing with long thick hair in the middle of summer. I've had so much fun styling and trying new products with my short hair. My favorite has been the Toni&Guy casual sea salt spray. It give the perfect beach waves without drying your hair! I can't even begin to count the amount of sea salt sprays that I've tried. This one is hands down the best. Oh and the best smelling too!! 
I don't know about you, but summer makes me 100x more lazy. I still love doing my makeup every morning but I really dislike the whole eyeshadow process. This month I discovered the Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade 'ink'd by pink'. It's very easy to apply on the go and gives amazing pigmentation. 
As for nailpolish this month I've found myself switching from super bright fun summer colors to dark colors. My favorites have been Essie's Watermelon and Bahama Mama. Bahama Mama is actually a repurchase. Yes, I finally used a whole bottle of polish! I never thought that day would come. I love the color so much I had to get another bottle. Watermelon is the perfect summer pink. I saw it all over the internet and had to pick it up for the summer. 
I also found myself reading a bit more this last month. I started reading Palo Alto by James Franco. I'm not going to lie, I picked this up solely because it was written by James Franco. I'm not too far into it yet but I'm already loving it! It's the perfect summer read! 
I can't believe another month in 2014 is over. I'm so excited for July because I have nothing planned until the end of the month. It's going to be so nice focusing on my blog and hanging out with my family before I leave for college. I've also been thinking about starting a youtube channel again. I'm not 100% sure though. Youtube is always something I start and then forget about. Let me know what you think! 


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