Friday, April 25, 2014

What's In My Bag 2014

These posts are fun and allow my inner nosey rosey to come out. It's really interesting to see what others carry in their bags because it's something that everyone carries around but inside is unique. This is my basic things I'm always carrying around, no matter which bag I'm using. As of right now I'm using a simple black tote from American Eagle just because it's basic and fits everything I need.

Polaroid Camera: This is probably my favorite gift I've ever received. It's so much fun to use and the little photos that come out are add onto the fun. I like to carry this around because you never know when you'll want to snap a Polaroid. I use to have a wall in my room covered in my tiny photos but took it down recently. Now I'm just saving them all to hang up in my new dorm when I go off to college.

Ray-ban Clubmaster Sunglases: I love this style of sunglasses so much that I had to buy myself the real Ray-Ban pair that is coming in the mail soon. I love the shape and style of these and I feel that they really suit my face. I can't wait to get my real ones soon.

I feel like the EOS lipbalm (mint), the hair clip, and my Altoids are always something I need to carry with me. These three little products are my 'lifesavers'. I would probably limit my bag to carry only these three things if I had to.

Real Techniques to-go brush & Bareminerals ready foundation: This combination is a must. I hate having oily looking skin while I'm out. This little retractable brush makes it easy to keep in my bag and doesn't take up a lot of space. All I need to do is through in my powder of choice, right now it's this one, and I'm good to go without worrying that my powder will wear off throughout the day.

Black clutch wallet: I've had this wallet forever. I think I got it at Kohls about four years ago. It's a very basic wallet and gets the job done. I can fit all my cards/very little money I have. It's also the perfect size to fit in all of my bags so I can easily change bags without needing to change my wallet too.

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