Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Essie Spring Favorites!

Anyone that knows me knows that Essie is my favorite nail polish brand. I am addicted to buying Essie and trying to accumulate all the colors they have to offer. I am very close to reaching this goal too, haha. I think that Essie has the best shades of spring colors compared to any other brand because they have so many pastels and brights. I've decided to put together this little list of my favorite spring colors that I will mostly rotate between this spring.

Listed left to right:
  • Playdate: The absolute perfect combination between a bright and pastel purple. Surprisingly this color doesn't need more than two coats to get that wonderful spring color that is shown from the bottle. I also love wearing this color on my toes! It's so bright and bold.
  • Splash of Grenadine: My first thought when I first saw this color was "barbie". It is such a unique pink shade and it's like nothing I've ever seen before. The only downside to this color is that it can be surprisingly sheer. Weird, I know, since it's so bright you wouldn't think that, but it does take a few coats to achieve a nice solid color.
  • Peach Daiquiri: If you are looking for a great coral this spring, look no further. This nail polish is a little sentimental too because it was the first Essie polish I ever owned. I also bought this color in the spring time because my first reaction was "Wow, that is the best spring coral I've ever seen". This color is the definition of coral nail polish.  The brightness of this color also gives your hand somewhat of the illusion of a darker tan, which for me, is great because winter really hits me hard. I'm as pale as a ghost at the moment!
  • Exotic Liars: My favorite color of nail polish would definitely be a classic red. However, as the seasons change the shade of red I use should change too. Because this color has a deep pink undertone I think it is the best red shade for spring. 

I am always looking to buy more nail polish, so leave a comment letting me know what your absolute favorite nail polish is for the springtime. I should probably also break my habit of only buying Essie, so leave suggestions for your favorite brand! 

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